Tips For Repairing Drywall in Long Beach

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Home Improvement

While drywall is in nearly every home across America, it is surprising how many homeowners do not know how to perform simple repairs on it. Here are a few tips from the experts on simple ways to repair drywall in a DIY project.

  *     If the doorknob has been rammed into the wall behind it and caused a hole or other damage, not to worry. This is a simple fix. First, apply a patch (the peel and stick variety) directly over the hole. These patches are found in every hardware store or hardware section in America. They are made from a thin sheet of aluminum and wire mesh. After the patch is in place, apply the drywall compound over it. Experts state that three coatings of the compound should be applied. After the drywall compound is dried, lightly sand and apply paint if desired.

  *     If there is damage to the corner of a wall, this is also a fairly easy fix. First, use a small hacksaw to cut away the damaged metal of the corner. The metal may need to be pried away, so it is best to use a bar or a lever of some kind. Measure the piece that was removed and then cut a new piece of metal to replace the damaged piece. Affix it to the wall with nails. If the surrounding paint is of a glossy nature, it should be sanded first before applying drywall compound. After sanding, if it was necessary, apply the drywall compound in three separate coats.

  *     If cracks are beginning to form in the drywall sheet itself, a thin layer of joint compound must first be applied. A second coat may be needed, depending on the severity of the crack. Spray an appropriate amount of elastic crack coating over the crack and let dry. Voila! The Drywall in Long Beach is as good as new.

Contact a professional drywall service company to Get more information about more egregious damage that needs to be repaired or if new drywall sheets need to be hung. An experienced company can not only offer suggestions of what is needed, but offer price quotes on the job to be performed.