Remodel Contractor in Toms River, NJ Handles Customization for Accessibility Designs

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Home Remodel Guide

If you need to incorporate special configurations into your home to make it easier to get around, then contact a remodel contractor in Toms River, NJ to take care of the construction. This type of construction is referred to in whole as accessible housing.

Accessibility Features

Therefore, accessible housing refers to modifications or renovations that enable independent living for a person with a disability or an elderly homeowner. Accessibility is accomplished through architectural design and integrating accessibility features. These features may include shelves, cupboards, or furniture that has been modified as well as electronic devices that have been adapted for easier use.

Customizations for Seniors

Adding grab bars and handrails throughout a home, especially in the bathrooms and along stairs, can be done by a remodel contractor to reduce any risk of falling. Other customizations enhance access, for instance, for seniors. These adaptations include easy-to-reach storage compartments, lever handles on doors, walk-in showers, toilet seat risers, and shower and bathtub seats.

For some people, access can be as basic as incorporating grab bars and a seat in the bath tub. However, access for people who use wheelchairs may include adding ramps or widening doorways in a home. Counters may be lowered by a remodeling contractor and loop-style hardware may be featured on drawers and doors.

Where to Obtain Further Information

Companies such as Reliable Building Services offer accessible housing customization for their clients as well as other remodeling services. You can find out more about renovation and customization by visiting their site.

With respect to accessibility, electrical outlets, thermostats, and light switches should also be located so they can be easily used. Walls in bathrooms should be reinforced as well so that grab bars can be installed and used. Kitchens and bathrooms should be made more usable too.

Needless to say, you want to contact a contractor who is well-versed in accessible housing and customization work. Make sure the builder you select has a broad knowledge in all areas of the customization process.