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To Garage or Not to Garage: The Last Frontier of Home Storage Spaces

Adequate storage is a homeowner’s number one consideration. No one ever has enough closets, shelves, basement or attic storage. Many people don’t consider their garages worthy of storage, but it has four walls capable of holding things. Builders of custom garages in Highland are adept at designing storage for anything homeowners can throw at them. Have you thought of these reasons to use your garage as storage?

Use of Space

Indiana winters are no time to leave cars in the driveway. They need warmth so they will start every time. Homeowners want a custom garage that holds one or two cars as well as has space for storage. The bicycles, yard tools, skis and other sporting equipment will need storage out of the weather. The patio furniture, grill and other accouterments of summer will also need storage out of the weather.

Here is where custom garage designers enter the picture. Built-ins can be designed to hold summer equipment. Pegboards could have large hooks to hold the bikes, yard equipment, sporting equipment and some of the summer yard furniture. All this can be designed around the cars being kept warm in the garage.

Overhead Storage

Platforms along three sides of the garage walls can be built to store anything the homeowner can’t fit on the walls. Steps can be built to access it. If that’s not enough storage space, then a platform can be suspended from the ceiling upon which to store things, or you could request that a platform be built above the door guides framework.

Have you thought of building shelving above and beside the door leading from the garage into the house? Custom garage Highland designers can add smaller pegboards here to hold common tools you might need indoors, such as hammers or screwdrivers.

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