Top Kitchen Ideas

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Kitchen Improvements

If you wanting to update your kitchen, but you’re not sure exactly what you want, here are a few of the top kitchen ideas in Pittsburgh to get you started:

     *     Give the illusion of grandeur: If you have a truly tiny kitchen, space and functionality become critical elements in the overall design. Consider a cooktop that doubles as a workspace, hanging storage shelves and cabinets, and sliding shelves in the bottom cupboards. Lighter colors will make the kitchen seem bigger.

     *     Functionality: Your kitchen needs, above all, to be functional. Make sure you have plenty of workspace and flows easily. All your essential appliances should be within easy reach, your prep area should be close to the cooking area, and your table should be close, but clearly separate from the actually cooking and prep area.

     *     Appliances: Regardless of whether you choose contemporary stainless steel, built-in cooktops and ranges, or refrigerators with covers to match your cabinetry, make sure your appliances complement your overall décor.

     *     Flooring: While wood floors are very popular right now, some experts do not recommend them for the kitchen. Why? Because wood floors aren’t supposed to get drenched on a regular basis, and kitchens are notorious for spills and mop-ups. This could cause your floor to buckle and wear down over time.

     *     De-clutter: If you have family members who insist on dumping books and other items on the kitchen table, create a separate space within the kitchen with a desk and storage space. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

     *     Create memories to last a lifetime: The kitchen is the hub of the home. This was true generations ago, and it’s still true today. While family dynamics may have changed, we still tend to gravitate to the kitchen, whether we’re just coming home for the day, or entertaining a large family pot-luck.

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