Two Popular and Productive Kinds of Home Additions in Plainview, NY

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Home Improvement

Even the most welcoming of homes can start to feel cramped and less comfortable as time goes on. Particularly when a family grows larger, a house that once seemed perfect can end up being much less satisfying to live in.

When that happens, many owners consider it a hint to sell and move on to another property. Home Additions in Plainview NY can make for a much less disruptive way to ensure a family has a perfect place to live. Local companies like Center Island Contracting Inc. are ready with ideas and the skills needed to make achieving any set of goals possible.

Adding and Expanding Instead of Giving Up

Some of the most eminently livable homes in the area became that way not when they were first built but after having had additions or other major forms of work applied to them. Home Additions in Plainview NY can be used in many different ways, with two of the most commonly successful related strategies being:

*     Second-story additions: Ranch and cape-style homes suit the needs and preferences of many smaller families well. Even so, they can become less satisfactory to occupy later on, whether because a family has grown in size or for other reasons. Adding a second level either to a specific part of a one-story house or atop its entire footprint can produce truly impressive results. With living space potentially doubling for the most thorough and ambitious such projects, a true transformation can be affected.

*     Garage additions: Many homes in the area are equipped with attached garages that make getting to a family’s vehicle on a cold, wintry day more pleasant. Those same structures can often be expanded productively, with some needing only a bit of finishing work to provide more useful living space. Even in cases where the upper part of a garage will need to be replaced entirely, projects of this general kind regularly pay off.

A Frequently Great Way to Make a Home an Even Better Place to Live

While projects like these often require significant investments, the money to be spent will often pale in comparison to what upgrading to a larger, different home would require. As a result and because of the convenience inherent in staying put, many families find such options worth investigating.