Vergola: Not The Only Option

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Screen Store

The Vergola louvre roof system is one that has many advantages, though most people believe incorrectly that they must use this system and brand. You will find that many companies have similar options that may be easier to find in your area and could be less expensive. Of course, you should research your options and make sure that you know what you need or want and that the product can provide it for you.

The Vergola roofing system allows you to control your environment outside. You probably enjoy being outdoors and likely have a patio or pergola, but when you install a louvre roofing system, you get the added benefit of being able to go outside when it’s raining or very sunny. You can get shade by closing the louvres partially or all the way. You can also protect your furniture and be outside when it rains, though the louvres may not provide 100 percent water removal, especially during torrential rains. Along with such, you can choose an electronically controlled system that helps you control shade and exposure to the elements without having to do it manually.

At SP Screens, they know that many homeowners want to improve their space in such a way as to look beautiful and be functional. With Vergola-style louvre roof systems, you can do it all with the press of a button. Their products are engineered to be stylish and high-quality, allowing you to rest easy. The roof itself is customised to your particular needs, though aluminium is used for the louvres and stainless steel is used for the fixing points to ensure that you have a sturdy structure. They also come with a 10-year warranty, allowing you to feel comfortable knowing that it will do its job for a decade or more.