What Are the Benefits of Using Auto Storage Instead of a Parking Garage?

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Storage Service

Have you been looking for a nice place to keep your vehicle? If you have, rejoice in the fact that there are many storage facilities that give auto storage. But some people often juggle auto storage and parking garages. Are parking garages truly better than vehicle storage? Let’s find out.

When you’re taking advantage of auto storage, you’re either going to have your car covered, indoors, or outdoors. Outdoor storage is one of the most popular methods of vehicle storage, and most facilities will have a security fence that protects the vehicles. Some have added security for ultimate protection.

Covered storage is an option above outdoor storage. With this, you’ll get an awning or some sort of cover to protect your vehicle from things like fallen branches, snow, rain, and other things that could damage the surface.

Indoor storage usually involves a garage that causes customers to drive up to get access to their spot. This can be a little more expensive than the two options mentioned above. However, the price pays off in protection. This option gives your car the most protection in the end. This helps prevent theft, vandalism, and other things that could depreciate and damage your car.

Always remember to prepare your car for storage, as some models may experience hiccups from not being driven for a long time.

Why Should You Choose Vehicle Storage Over Parking Garage?

First off, parking garages have limited lighting and strange angles that have to be driven around every day. This can be a safety hazard for most people, especially since criminals have the option to hide in the darker parts of the garage at night. Also, it would be nicer to have your vehicle in a place meant for storage rather than using a public space where anything can happen.

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