What Exactly Is Epoxy Floor in NY And Should You Use It?

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Flooring

It’s rather easy to understand the basics of an Epoxy Floor in NY. Epoxy is a coating that is applied over existing floors. It is primarily used to coat floors in industrial and commercial settings, but can also be used by homeowners for basements and garages. This is a coating that is usually placed over concrete.

Benefits Of Epoxy

Epoxy is valued for a number of reasons. One thing that people like is that epoxy gives floors a shiny appearance. It can help a floor look more attractive. When flakes are mixed in, the floor can actually look expensive. It’s great at resisting stains, so epoxy works great in factories and warehouses. Epoxy is a coating that can last for years. A property owner will definitely get a lot from their investment in epoxy.

Preparing A Concrete Floor

In order to have an Epoxy Floor in NY, the surface must be properly prepared so that it accepts the coating. Understand that epoxy won’t work on concrete that has been sealed. It needs to be porous in order to take on the epoxy coating. The concrete can’t be in the process of curing. It must be already cured in order work with the epoxy. Some people make the mistake of trying to rush the process. They pour a new floor and then hurry to coat it with epoxy. That leads to less than desirable results.

More On Preparing A Concrete Floor

So how can a person tell whether or not there concrete flooring is ready for epoxy? In order to test for sealed concrete, water must be applied to the floor. If the water beads on the surface of the concrete, the floor is sealed. If the water is quickly absorbed by the concrete, there isn’t any sealant in place. Fortunately, there is something that can be done if a floor is sealed. The sealant can be stripped off. Even if a person is doing the job themselves, they should be able to strip the concrete.

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