Bathroom Remodeling in Oceanside CA is Not For Amateurs

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom involves plumbing and electrical service and should be remodeled with the help of licensed electricians and plumbers. Remodeling a bathroom may be a small project such as repainting and putting up a new shower curtain which can be done by the homeowner. Or, the bathroom can need major work such as replacing a bathtub or shower, sinks, and toilet. It may need a new light fixture or bathroom heater and fan. Anything requiring moving fixtures, plumbing, and electrical wires requires the services of licensed professionals. Bathroom Remodeling in Oceanside CA goes better with professional help.

Remodeling vs Redecorating

There is a difference between redecorating a bathroom and completely remodeling it. Redecorating might involve new paint on the walls, a new floor, a new shower curtain, towels, and bathroom rugs. But remodeling involves much more. It means completely changing a bathroom to bring it up to date in design and functionality. That small awkward bathroom may be enlarged and changed into a spa-like area to relax as well as get ready for work in the morning. Space can be borrowed from an adjoining room. Fixtures can be rearranged for more convenience. Storage can be added.

But when this room is remodeled, it is easy to make mistakes and hard to fix them. A remodeling contractor with a designer on staff such as Guedes Construction can save the homeowner money and ensure a better remodeling outcome. Professional Bathroom Remodeling in Oceanside CA often results in better bathroom design. When a homeowner uses a remodeling contractor, that company has the licensed professionals needed to do electrical and plumbing jobs safely and correctly. They also have professionals to lay ceramic tile and install all the bathroom fixtures.

Is Remodeling Bathrooms Worth The Cost?

An amateur remodeling job on a bathroom can actually lower the value of a home when it is time to sell. But, a professionally remodeled bathroom that meets modern standards can add substantially to the value and salability of a home. More importantly, the correctly remodeled bathroom will be more enjoyable for family members to use. Contact us for more bathroom remodeling information and advice.