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Why U.S. Residents Depend on Clothes Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury MA

Some U.S. residents almost always hang their laundry up to dry, while others couldn’t imagine bothering with this. They are happy to rely on their electric or gas-powered clothes dryer. Some of these individuals don’t have yard space or enough room inside to hang up a lot of damp clothing, towels and bed sheets. When the machine malfunctions, they call for dryer repair in Shrewsbury MA so they are not inconvenienced for very long.

Machine Drying vs. Line Drying

People who don’t regularly use a clothes dryer save money on their utility bills. Those who do use one for most or all of their laundry either don’t mind the financial tradeoff for convenience or simply don’t have the option for line drying. Apartment dwellers, for example, rarely have clotheslines. They may not be able to place all the damp laundry on hangers. Inventive methods like drying the damp fabric on a stepladder are not appealing to most men and women. The good news is that the average household only spends about $10 a month on drying laundry.

Electric vs. Gas

For various reasons, most U.S. residents prefer electric dryers instead of gas models, even though the gas equipment costs about twice as much to operate. Of the households with clothes dryers, less than 20 percent run on natural gas or propane. Professional Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury MA is available for either type.

Clothes Buying Habits

Surveys indicate that most U.S. residents check labels on clothing before buying to make sure the products can handle being tumbled in a clothes dryer. Some labels specify that the item not be dried this way because it could shrink or fade. That’s not acceptable for the men and women who don’t want to sort their laundry this way.

Little Free Time

Many Americans feel that they just don’t have the time to avoid using the dryer, even if they have clotheslines in the yard and in the laundry area. U.S. residents tend to work a lot of hours, limiting the time they have to hang up their clothes and other linens. When the dryer quits working, they depend on a company such as Business Name for assistance.