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3 Signs That You Need Vinyl Replacement Windows in Milwaukee

Replacing the windows of your home is a significant investment, so you want to feel confident in your decision. Many homeowners delay the project as long as possible, but this can cost you in other ways. Poor windows in a home reduce energy efficiency, so what you try to save in replacing the windows may actually go to your utility company. Here are the four most common signs that it’s time to find vinyl replacement windows in Milwaukee.

1. Drafts

Your windows are designed to prevent air from coming into your home. If you notice a draft around the windows, it is time to replace them. You can check for drafts by holding a piece of paper around the frame. If the paper moves inward, you have drafts coming into your home. If the paper moves towards the window, the heated and cooled air from inside is escaping. This means that you spend more on utility costs.

2. Broken Sills and Frames

The sills and frames of your windows help to keep them in place and also provides some level of structural integrity to your home. If the sills and frames are broken, it is time to find a company that offers vinyl replacement windows in Milwaukee.

3. Condensation

Some windows have two panes of glass to improve energy efficiency. When the windows are in good shape, there is a seal that prevents air and moisture from getting between the two panes. If you notice condensation between the panes, it means that the windows are beyond their lifetime and need to be replaced. Get in touch with Guardian, Inc., to find the best options for your home. You can also visit their website at