Caring For Granite Countertops in Tucson

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Home Improvement

If someone decides they would like to get their kitchen revamped, putting in new Granite Countertops in Tucson can be a welcome change. Many desire the appearance of this hearty stone as it instantly gives a kitchen an improvement in view-ability. Granite is a durable substance that lasts for many years if it is cared for properly. Here are some steps one can take to ensure their granite countertops look their best for as long as possible.

Clean The Counter Tops Frequently

It is important to take the time in cleaning granite after each use. Failing to do so will lead to an appearance that lacks luster if debris cakes up on the surface. Using a non-abrasive sponge dipped in hot water will work well at softening debris so it can be wiped away from the countertop. It is best to avoid using detergents as they may compromise the appearance of the granite. If something acidic is spilled on the surface, it should be wiped away immediately, so it does not stain the stone.

Avoid Damaging The Surface

Although granite is quite durable, it is best to avoid placing hot items on its surface. The heat will not damage the stone, however, if there is a particle of debris trapped between the countertop and the dish, pot, or pan being placed on its surface, scratching can damage the appearance of the granite. Using a trivet or hot plate to rest hot items upon is best. It is also a good idea to use a cutting board rather than using a knife to cut food directly upon the granite countertop.

Add A Sealant

Pure granite does not require that a sealant be applied. If the countertop is made with a mixture of calcite and granite, it will be porous in nature and require some extra protection. Apply a sealant with a small paint brush. This will fill in porous sections of the stone, so debris does not alter the appearance as it will not get trapped inside.

If someone is interested in purchasing Granite Countertops in Tucson, they will want to purchase stone from a reliable dealer. Contact The Window Depot to find out more about the selection available today.