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Enjoying The Appearance Of Wood Flooring Refinishing in Tribeca

When someone has a business with wood flooring throughout their building, they will want to have it looking like new for customers, sales representatives, and employees to enjoy. When a wood floor wears from normal usage, it will become drab in appearance. Routine maintenance and cleaning often help, but if the floor has been in place for a long time or if it gets a lot of foot traffic, then Wood Flooring Refinishing in Tribeca should be done to renew its appearance.

A business can call a wood refinishing service to handle the job in making the interior walking area look refreshed and shiny. During the refinishing process, it will be important to use appropriate measures in keeping those in the building away from the area where floors are being treated. This is because there will be fine particles of wood in the air from the sanding process. Tarps can be placed over doorways of rooms being serviced, so the sawdust does not make its way into other areas of the building.

A refinishing company will use a large piece of sanding equipment to remove the top layer of the existing flooring. This will remove blemishes from the wood in their entirety. After the entire floor is sanded, it will be colored with stain if desired. This will also be a time when people should be kept away from floors being revitalized as the fumes from stain can be quite potent. Opening windows and doors in the area will be helpful in having enough ventilation for those doing the job.

After the floors are stained and dry, the service will then add a layer of protection to seal out moisture and help keep debris from scratching the floor surface. This is usually a shiny coating, giving the floor a like-new appearance.

If a business owner wishes to revamp their building’s wood floors, they will want to hire a service that does Wood Flooring Refinishing in Tribeca to handle the job. Call a company like New York Wood Flooring to have the floors evaluated by a professional beforehand. An estimate can be given at that time and the work can be scheduled at the business’ convenience.