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Tips for Caring After Wood Flooring Installation in Nyc

Wood Flooring Installation in Nyc is just the first step in having beautiful wood flooring. Once the Wood Flooring Installation in Nyc has been complete, it’s time to begin caring for the new floors. Wood floors are great. They look beautiful. There’s just nothing like a shiny wood floor. Unlike other types of flooring, they can also be refinished. In New York Wood Flooring has been known to last for decades. Often, when it is replaced, it’s not due to it being worn out. Sometimes an owner decides to go with tile or carpet. Though, covering up wood is not something that’s done too often. Read on for tips on keeping your floor looking great.

Sweep often

Without meaning to people often bring rocks and small debris in with them. These items can easily scratch the flooring. Sweeping often removes these hidden items that are a danger to the floor. Having residents and guests remove their shoes before they enter is a great way to minimize the risk of these scratches happening. At the very least place mats near each door so everyone who enters can wipe their feet and remove pebbles from their shoes.

Lift don’t drag

Get in the habit of lifting furniture instead of dragging it across the floor. Dragging can leave deep scratches in the wood. If you have items, such as a chair that moves on its own when someone sits on it, apply felt floor protectors to the legs.

A damp mop is all that’s needed

Be sure to wring the mop out well before it’s used on the floor. Too much water is bad for a wood floor. A damp mop will work just fine for cleaning this type of flooring. Use either plain water, or a cleaner that’s made specifically for wood. Be sure to sweep before mopping so anything on the floor isn’t dragged across the wood. Between washings, a dust mop will help keep the floor looking sparkling clean.

Keep the above tips in mind and wood flooring will stay beautiful. Sweep and dust mop, don’t drag items across the floor and don’t soak the wood. These few simple things ensure a floor that will last for many decades.