For the Discrimminating Designer: Wood and Green Intelligence

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Home Improvement

Do you recall the wood veneer that covered the walls of the family room? The previous owner’s choice for paneling was a desire for simplicity. Being easy to clean and provide insulation during the winter months made the wood wall paneling the only long-term choice for décor. Over the last fifty years, wood wall systems have progressed in every way. They surpass easy choices for quality to become a vital reflection of operating businesses. For that reason alone know there are two aspects of wood wall systems that are important to the final purchasing decision.


The main alternative to man-made wall systems is wood. In the 1970s, fiberglass may have dominated the field by being five times more effective in insulation than wood. However, while concerning sound resonance, fiberglass may produce a hollow and open tone in a room. Wood, on the other hand, filters sound to a level of resonance that absorbs without deadening the field. Try the cutting edge of manufacture. Acoustical knowledge can manifest through the latest wood wall designs that are born from computerized technology.

Green Intelligence

A high point of production is changing the bottom-line to be an environmentalist’s paradise. Ecologically sound manufacturing of highly sustainable products commits to social responsibility for the environment. This approach puts a level of grit and tenacity into play that is a constant game changer for everyone involved. This includes everyone from clientele to installers and those who share the local environment’s resources for business and living.

On Building Sustainable Communities

As a contractor, the soundness in choosing wood wall systems for your site goes beyond cost. With that in mind, remember that green buildings are likely to be healthy buildings. Make sure your decision reflects a greater investment in the longevity of the environment and its communities.

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