Four Modern Wallpaper Trends that Will Make Your Space Fresh and Bold

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Wallpaper and Coverings

Since its creation, wallpaper has always been in style. It has been reinvented many times over the years, and today’s wallpapers incorporate both youthful innovation and timeless elements. These modern wallpaper trends show that this traditional design option can deliver a fresh new look.

Hand-Painted Murals

Standard repeating patterns used to be the go-to designs for wallpapers, but today’s vinyl wallpapers and other styles can feature hand-painted murals as fine as the most celebrated pieces of art. Whether you choose scenic or abstract designs, they can transport you to another world without leaving home.

New Takes on Classics

Traditional schemes have made a comeback but are being presented in surprising ways. For example, you may find floral repeating patterns reminiscent of the past but with neon colors that give them a bold, modern look. Quirkier motifs, whimsical designs and unexpected patterns have all contributed to the rebirth of wallpaper.

Enhanced Textures

Wallpapers that either include or give the impression of various textures are a modern, forward-thinking trend. These designs work well in subtle, natural colors, like beige. It’s not boring if it mimics the texture of suede or grasscloth.

Bold Graphics

Prints that pop are a hallmark of modern wallpapers. These patterns often incorporate modern architectural aesthetics and may change subtly throughout a wall, creating an intriguing, eye-catching sense of movement.

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