What Homeowners Should Know About New Technology in Roofing Materials

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Roofing Contractor

People don’t typically think of roofs when they think of technology. Cars, electronics, and smart homes are what comes to mind when thinking of technology. However, roofing in Ponte Vedra has technology built into their new roofing materials. Here’s what homeowners should know.


Today’s technology has made metal roofs a viable option. Able to resist winds up to 120 mph, fireproof, recyclable, energy efficient and durable, metal roofs can be made to look like wood shakes or tiles. They reflect the sunlight, leaving the roof and the house beneath cool. Resistant to warping and distortion, metal roofs last for upward of 50 years.


Saving thousands of rubber tires past their usefulness from a landfill to reuse as roof shingles is a stroke of genius. Fabricated in a tongue and groove style, rubber tiles or shakes lock out rain. Technology makes them unable to crack or curl like asphalt shingles. Rubber is recyclable. When you replace your shingle roof with rubber, the asphalt shingles are recyclable as well. It’s great insulation and comes in many attractive colors for better curb appeal.


Everyone has seen houses with solar panels on the roof. Up to 2008, no one had figured out how to make a solar shingle. These are thin shingles that homeowners can mix with regular shingles for a stunning effect. Solar shingles also provide almost 20% more energy conversion than solar panels. Made to look like shingles and shakes, solar shingles add both energy efficiency and curb appeal to a house.

Architectural Tiles

Commonly found on Spanish and Mediterranean style homes, architectural shingles are being used while roofing in Ponte Vedra homes. Made of fiberglass, asphalt and ceramics, architectural tiles are a little heavier than asphalt shingles. Although the roof will last almost 50 years, the technology comes in making the shingles three-dimensional. It’s a stunning look and will add to a house’s charm.