Fun Ideas to Customize Your Wrought Iron Doors

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Doors

When you are working to upgrade or remodel your home, being able to customize the various elements makes it easier to get the exact look you want. Custom iron doors work with all décor schemes, and the customization opportunities are virtually endless, allowing you to easily get the aesthetic and level of function you desire.

Place a Grill Over the Glass

To add more style and security, you can place a grill over the glass elements of your iron door. You can have the grill custom made so that the size and the design of the grill are made exactly to your specifications.

Consider Unique Engravings

You can make your door more intricate with custom engravings. You might choose a unique pattern, such as leaves or flowers, or have your last name or address engraved into your door. This makes it possible to have a front door that is like no other in the neighborhood so that your home really stands out.

Pick Out the Perfect Size and Shape

When you elect to use iron doors, you have full control over the shape and size. You can keep it simple with a squared door, or add a softer look to your home with a rounded door. This material can be manipulated in many ways, allowing for ultimate customization.

Choose One or Two Doors

No matter what your current situation is, you can choose to change it in terms of how many doors you use. Even in a smaller entryway, you can incorporate two smaller doors if you prefer this look. You might also consider converting two smaller doors into a single larger door.

Look at Specialty Glass

If you want to avoid the traditional glass that is fully transparent, you do have some other options. You can look at a frosted glass that adds a little extra security but still, allows natural light to penetrate. Another option is stained glass, and you can have a unique design created specifically for your door.

Check Out Different Hardware Choices

The handles and locks can be fully customized to best meet your needs. You can have them made specifically for your door so that you have full control over the color, shape, size, and level of security.

You can see that the possibilities with custom iron doors are diverse. Whether you prefer a simple and modern look, or you want to go all out with sophisticated elegance, custom wrought iron doors can easily bring your dream design to life.