Safety Tips for Estate Style Garage Doors in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Garage Doors

Estate Style Garage Doors in Pittsburgh PA protect a family’s home and possessions while improving curb appeal. However, they can be very dangerous when used improperly. In this guide, local homeowners can learn some basic garage door safety rules.

Never Run Under the Door

Running under a closing door can cause serious injury or even death. It’s particularly important for parents to be watchful, as many children try to slide under the door as if it’s game. Safety sensors are a good investment, especially if there are kids or pets in the home, but they shouldn’t be a substitute for careful monitoring.

Test the Reverse Mechanism

Today’s garage doors have a reverse mechanism that raises the door if it hits an object before it touches the ground. Homeowners should check it once per month. If the door doesn’t automatically reverse, call for service right away.

Don’t Lose the Remote

Thieves and home invaders can get into a home by stealing the garage door remote, so it’s important not to leave it unattended. Store it carefully or buy a keychain opener, and don’t forget to lock the inside door that leads from the garage to the home.

Don’t Touch the Joints or Springs

Many injuries occur each year due to broken springs and DIY repairs. If a homeowner is having trouble with Estate Style Garage Doors in Pittsburgh PA, they should call an expert for maintenance and spring repair.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Each month, the homeowner should check the door for signs of wear, paying special attention to pulleys, rollers, cables, and springs. If a part is broken or worn, don’t try to repair it-;call a garage door repair professional. Routine upkeep is an important way to extend a door’s lifespan while ensuring safety and easy use.

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