How to Tell if Your Fiberglass Tub Needs to be Refinished in Washington, D.C

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Home Improvement

Many customers have trouble deciding whether or not to have fiberglass refinishing in Washington, D.C., done. After all, it’s an expense, and most people try to save money where possible. However, the cost of having this service done is generally much cheaper than installing a completely new tub. Here’s how to tell if your fiberglass tub needs to be refinished.

When Traditional Cleaners Aren’t Getting the Job Done

The average tub in good shape should be able to be cleaned with household cleaners commonly found in supermarkets. If these products used to work, but you’re finding it impossible to fully clean your tub with them, chances are that a fiberglass refinish is on the horizon. This is usually a gradual process, but most customers don’t want their tubs to completely deteriorate.

If You See Small Cracks and Breaks Start Appearing

This is a sign that you need fiberglass refinishing in Washington, D.C., sooner rather than later. If you see small cracks, the professionals who work on refinishing can easily fill those in before beginning work. Small holes and cracks are easy enough to fill and shouldn’t cost much. However, if you wait and let the crack expand until it completely perforates your fiberglass, you may need to have the entire thing redone. That’s why it’s imperative to monitor the fiberglass and ensure that small issues remain small issues. If you notice them rapidly expanding, you should call a professional right away for servicing.

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