Industrial Refrigeration Systems, Designed and Built in California

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Business

The key to effective industrial refrigeration is accurate temperature control. As various product passes through the refrigeration process, the temperature is either lowered or maintained at the same temperature.

When specifying industrial refrigeration systems, engineers in California are aware that the function of the equipment is of primary importance. The equipment needed to perform one particular function may not be the same as the equipment required to perform a different function. There are three stages of refrigeration systems installation. These three stages or phases are the process specification, the engineering specification, and the actual construction of the facility.

The Process Specification

It is imperative that the owner or user of the facility be very accurate in the definition of what the chiller will be used for. Any mismatch between the intention and the actual usage will invariably result in less than anticipated performance.

The Engineering Specification

Using the process specification, engineers develop temperature demands, product throughput, physical plant layout, future expansion, etc. From this date and information, the manufacturer of the refrigeration systems develops a specification for use in the design. If the process specification has been well defined, the engineering specification is well along. Input from the facility owner is critical at this stage as many decisions have to be made that can have a considerable impact on the entire operation.


The engineering specification, once completed, is released to competing suppliers of industrial refrigeration systems. The successful bidder will take full responsibility for plant design details, construction, and commissioning.

Efficient refrigeration systems take the input from different individuals, each with his or her own function. The success of the system depends on how well everyone involved in the process performs; from the initial concept defining the purpose of the facility through to completion.