Professional Skunk Removal in Reynoldsburg Is Safe, Fast and Effective

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Animal Removal

Skunks like to live in wooded areas, but that doesn’t just mean forests. They take up residence on large residential and commercial properties with acreage that has been left relatively wild, and they especially appreciate a river, stream, lake or pond. Professional Skunk Removal in Reynoldsburg becomes necessary when these nuisance animals decide they want to settle down on this property instead of just passing through.

Problems With Skunks

Property owners often try to capture and remove small critters without professional assistance, but they shouldn’t attempt this with skunks. The animals commonly carry diseases, including rabies and distemper. They also carry like parasites like tapeworms and fleas. They might manage to bite someone through the trap bars or turn and attack upon release. Even if this does not happen, they are almost assuredly going to let loose their pungent spray if they feel threatened.

The Difficulty With Trapping Skunks

Wildlife control technicians who provide Skunk Removal in Reynoldsburg know the effective strategies for trapping and removing these creatures without getting sprayed or otherwise harmed. They also know the best bait to set out and the kind of traps that are most useful. It can be difficult to entice skunks into a trap because they eat such a wide variety of food and have little problem finding tasty morsels wherever they go.

Preventive Strategies

After the skunk problem has been resolved, the technicians can offer some tips on making the place less attractive to these animals. Although they might like the wooded stands on the property, they won’t be as likely to approach buildings if there isn’t a food supply or standing water outside. They are known to chew through garbage bags to obtain food and to climb into open buckets or bags of dog food in garages.

Getting skunks off the property early is important, as the last thing somebody needs is the animals invading a crawlspace or attic, or climbing into the siding and hiding in the insulation. Once they spray and the smell has taken hold, it is extremely hard to eradicate. Visit Wildlife Control Company for information on one organization that can help.