Why Homeowners Rely on Professional Animal Control in Columbus, OH

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Animal Removal

Urbanization, less hunting and land use changes have reduced natural habitats for many wild animals in Columbus, Ohio. As a result, homeowners are often surprised by uninvited guests like raccoons, geese, opossums and exotic species. Since most residents want the animals gone but do not want to harm them, they rely on expert, humane animal control in Columbus OH. Professionals like The Wildlife Control Company, Inc. offer efficient solutions, repairs and exclusionary work designed to prevent future problems.

Wildlife Pros Protect Clients from Harm

No matter how small or innocent wild animals seem, many carry diseases like rabies and distemper. Humans exposed to either of these viral diseases can develop symptoms like coughs and fever. Birds and bats spread Histoplasmosis, which can be fatal. Animals also leave unhealthy droppings, destroy building materials and bite. However, it is never safe for residents to trap wild creatures and it is usually illegal. That is why most clients Contact Wildlife Control Company the first time they see a nuisance animal. Professional trappers have the experience and tools to efficiently find and safely remove virtually any pest.

Humane Removal Solves Several Problems

Specialists who provide Animal Control in Columbus OH are nationally certified and licensed. They are well trained in animal behavior and routinely relocate coyotes, groundhogs, squirrels and chipmunks using humane techniques. Professionals know exactly where to place traps and how to make them inviting to target animals. Trappers are careful to use environmentally effective methods that are safe for clients and the animals that technicians are relocating.

Exclusionary Techniques Keep Animals Out

Wildlife control experts also repair animal damage and can help clients keep out new invaders. Once they are satisfied that no nuisance wildlife is living in or near homes they inspect properties for access points. Technicians report damages to clients and then animal proof homes when their customers request it. Areas that technicians seal include chimneys, roofs, crawl spaces, attics and even sheds.

Wild animals often make nests in Columbus, Ohio homes, so residents depend on area wildlife removal services. Professionals can find and trap every nuisance animal on properties, repair the damage they caused and prevented access by new guests.