Calling A Service To Do Opossum Removal in Columbus OH

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Animal Removal

Opossums are nocturnal creatures known to cause havoc if they are present in large numbers. If a homeowner has been dealing with opossums getting into trash or trying to gain entry into a home, taking steps to have them removed is best. Here are some effective ways to obtain Opossum Removal in Columbus OH.

Remove Food Sources From The Property

Opossums seek out areas with a food supply. If food is not present, opossums will move on to other areas, so they remain comfortable. Pick up berries or nuts that fall from trees as soon as they are noticed. Avoid placing pet food dishes outdoors as they are likely to attract opossums and other pests. If grills or barbecues are used outdoors, make sure they are cleaned after each use to help keep attractive food odors at bay. Cleaning out garbage cans also helps to remove odor from the property.

Eliminate Spots Opossums Use As Shelters

Take the time to assess the property to search for spots where opossums can hide. Wood piles, sheds, and garages with easy access often become opossums lairs. Make repairs to broken portions of siding if opossums were seen hanging around structures on the property. Trim all limbs within of a structure. Opossums are adept climbers and use tree limbs to gain access to upper floors of structures.

Call A Service To Remove Opossums

If opossums do not leave a property by taking the above steps, calling a service to do a removal process is an option. They will come to the property equipped with traps that will capture opossums without harming them. They will then relocate the creatures to other areas, so they do not pose potential troubles for the property owners again in the future.

When there is a need to hire a wildlife service that deals with Opossum Removal in Columbus OH, finding one that exudes professionalism while offering competitive rates are desirable traits. Find more information online or give a call to the business to inquire about scheduling an appointment with a knowledgeable opossum relocation employee today.