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Remodeling Kitchens in Tucson for Ease of Cleaning and Reduced Clutter

Some kitchens are filled with features that are difficult to keep clean or have to be cleaned too frequently or they show minor grime buildup. Remodeling of Kitchens in Tucson with different materials, styles, and colors can resolve this problem and increase satisfaction with this busy room. Certain features also help cut down on the cluttered appearance common to many kitchens. Contact Davis Kitchens to get started.

Flat Surfaces

Completely flat surfaces on cabinets and floors are the easiest to keep clean. That’s one reason sheets of vinyl and linoleum are popular for kitchen floors and why homeowners often choose glossy or painted cabinet doors with no decorative angles or grooves. Wet-mopping these floors and wiping down the cabinetry is a quick and simple process.

Cabinet Material

Many homeowners love natural wood cupboards for their Kitchens in Tucson, but it should be acknowledged that the material is not all that suitable for people who do a lot of cooking. Wood tends to become sticky due to cooking with greasy substances. Moisture in the air from steam in heating soups and boiling water adds to the problem. A large kitchen might require a couple of hours to thoroughly clean the wood with an oil-based soap and soft cloths.

Sink Material

Porcelain enamel sinks tend to develop stains, gray areas, and scratches. All these flaws can be buffed out with recommended cleansers, but doing so can be a hassle. Low-maintenance kitchens commonly include stainless steel for the sinks, a material that holds up better in the kitchen. Granite and quartz composites are other possibilities.

Other Features

For countertops, a laminate is the easiest material to keep clean. It is available in a broad array of styles and colors so that it blends in well with virtually any kitchen design. If the household residents are willing to use electricity for stovetop cooking, they’ll find that a flat glass cooking surface is much easier to clean than areas around curved burners are. Appliance garages help the room look more streamlined, as they hide toasters, blenders, toaster ovens and coffeepots when those small appliances are not in use.