Talk to a Commercial Locksmith in Tulsa about Installing Panic Bars

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Locksmith

Commercial locksmiths maximize security for businesses, and you can often use the services of this type of contractor to meet one of a variety of office security and manufacturing safety requirements. You should place a special emphasis upon finding the right locksmith for you to ensure that your employees and clients are kept safe and secure.

Main Service Offerings for Businesses

Here are just some of the services that a commercial locksmith in Tulsa can offer:

* Changing the locks
* Business unlocks
* Lock repairs
* Master key system installation
* File cabinet lock installation
* Safe unlocks
* Panic bar installation and repair

A Bar Designed for Emergency Exits

The installation or repair of a panic bar distinguishes commercial locksmith services from residential locksmith services. A panic bar, which is also referred to as a crash bar, is a spring-loaded bar that is positioned horizontally across a door. People can easily push panic bars, which make leaving a building a quick process. Visit website for commercial locksmith in Tulsa.

Why Panic Bars Were Invented

Panic bars were invented due to a number of historic tragedies that could have been prevented. In 1903, for example, over 600 people died in a fire at the Iroquois Theatre in Chicago. It may not have been as difficult for people to exit the theater had panic bars been around back then.

Lower Insurance Rates

Requesting a commercial locksmith accessory such as the panic bar is recommended especially for large structures such as shopping centers and office buildings. Not only do panic bars provide people with a safe and quick getaway from danger, some panic bars are available with an alarm, which prevents an unauthorized exit. Businesses who add panic bars enjoy lower insurance rates as well.

Who to Contact

Regardless of your security needs—residential or commercial—you can count on companies such as Tulsa Mobile Locksmith to keep you safe and secure. Call them today to review their service offerings.