The Advantages of Retrofit Windows in Santa Clarita, CA

by | May 30, 2017 | Home Improvement

When homeowners are deciding on a remodeling project, they sometimes have to weigh the options of having new construction windows installed into their homes or going with Retrofit Windows in Santa Clarita CA. The two major disparities between a new window and a retrofit window are the manner in which the new window frame is affixed to the house as well as the price. Opting for a retrofit window may save a customer thousands of dollars.

Those who need windows want to deal with a supplier that is recognized as an Andersen Circle of Excellence Dealer as well as a Milgard Certified Dealer. Both of these manufacturers have stellar reputations in the business. When installing new windows, the contractor will have to get rid of drywall and stucco, and then pull out the window. After that, any of the material that was behind the stucco must be thoroughly removed, and then, once the new window is installed, the experts must make sure it is correctly flashed to ensure the seal is both watertight and airtight.

When a customer opts for Retrofit Windows in Santa Clarita CA, the windows include a flush-fin, which is a frame created to replace aluminum frame windows while precluding damage to drywall and stucco. This permits the contractor to clear away and then re-purpose the existing window frame to mount the retrofit unit. The flush fin fills the gap that is between the outside of the replacement window and the inside of the original frame. This allows for a much easier installation. Buying retrofit windows can prove to be a design opportunity for homeowners, giving them the chance to customize a remodeling project.

If the original windows don’t leak and were properly installed, a homeowner can have retrofit windows installed and not only save substantial sums of money, but also increase the energy efficiency of their homes. New windows can also act as sound barriers and add to the curb appeal and resale value of a home. For those who want to see an example of a licensed and insured installer who has over 60 years of experience, just visit the website.