Tips That Take the Shock Out of Tree Transplanting in Austin

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Home and Garden

It would be great to make some changes to the landscape and make the outdoor space more functional. One of the ways to accomplish that is to transplant some of the trees and maybe invest in a couple more to create the desired look. Here are some tips that will help ease the trauma of the Tree Transplanting in Austin and increase the odds of all the trees flourishing in those new spots.

Are those New Trees Container Grown?

When purchasing some trees to add to the mix, it helps to find out if they are container grown. This term means that the tree has been in the container for at least one complete growing season. Choosing new trees that are grown in this manner are more likely to thrive once they are out of the pot and placed on the ground. this is particularly true when the spot is prepared properly, and the root system begins to receive nourishment immediately after the planting.

The Season Matters

Some trees are easier to move during specific seasons. A good rule of thumb is to identify which seasons those existing trees enter a dormant state. For example, it’s not unusual for trees to enter this stage during the latter part of autumn or the first few weeks of spring. During this time, it’s possible to manage the Tree Transplanting in Austin by digging up most of the root system and moving the tree to the new location. Consider using a burlap sack to contain the roots and at least some of the soil. This will also ease the trauma to the tree and improve the odds for keeping it alive.

Using Root Boosters

One of the more common mistakes that homeowners make is using the wrong products to help the tree settle in the new location. Instead of standard fertilizers, purchase what is known as a root booster. After a transplant, the focus is not on encouraging the additional growth of foliage. The plan is to strengthen and expand the root system. A season of using a booster is typically enough to do the trick.

Take a moment to Visit and learn more about transplanting trees. Putting those tips to good use will increase the odds of ensuring the trees are strong and healthy for many years to come.