Advantages of Screen Enclosure Installation in Florida

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Home Improvement

Screen Enclosures in Plantation FL allow people to enjoy warm weather outdoors without having to deal with annoying insects. Homeowners who have one of these features on the property may spend a great deal of time outside in the evening while their neighbors are stuck inside, not wanting to do battle with mosquitoes, beetles, and other aggravating bugs. Screened structures keep birds, snakes, and rodents out too.

The feature might be a screened-in porch, deck or patio, or it could be a standalone enclosure placed over an area paved in concrete or brick, similar to a screened tent. Some homeowners like to have their swimming pool screened in to keep bugs, critters and tree debris out. Yet another use for screen enclosures in Plantation FL is to create a carport that protects vehicles from various types of debris. With an opaque material on top, people, pets, and objects are shaded from the heat of the sunshine. Someone can even work on a car while staying out of the sun.

Some Florida residents say that their house wouldn’t really be a home without their screened-in living area. They enjoy having breakfast, lunch or dinner out there, or just having a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine after work. It’s a serene place to relax at night and read a book or converse with friends and family members. It’s OK to have battery-powered lanterns or electric lights on inside since moths, beetles and other bugs can’t get into Screen Enclosures in Plantation FL. People can even enjoy being outside when light rain is falling, as they won’t get wet under the enclosure covering.

Screen Enclosures in Plantation FL are available in a broad range of styles and sizes. An organization such as Broward Screen and Window consults with homeowners about the ideas they have for improving their abode and increasing satisfaction with the living space. Depending on the extensiveness of the project, the property owner may want to include the new feature in the homeowners insurance; the contractor can provide insight as to when this makes sense. Visit us for more information.