Understanding the Need for Effective Radon Mitigation in Chicago

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Cleaning Service

Radon levels in Illinois are generally about 30 percent higher than the national average. In Cook County, levels of these radioactive gases vary a great deal by specific area. Buildings in the southwest and northwest suburbs are most at risk of unsafe amounts. Service for radon mitigation in Chicago and the metropolitan area is available from qualified providers.

About Radon

Radon occurs naturally in soil and the Earth’s atmosphere. As radioactive minerals decay, they release this hazardous substance.

In the outdoor air, radon rapidly becomes diluted. When it gets into buildings, though, the gas can accumulate to unsafe degrees.

A Health Hazard

The radioactivity of this gas increases the risk for lung cancer for people routinely exposed to it for several years. Those who live and work in buildings with elevated levels are at the most significant risk.

Radon in Buildings

Radon seeps into buildings through cracks, holes and other flaws in the foundation. The potential for unsafe amounts to accumulate is higher in buildings with a few stories or less. The substance disperses to safer levels in mid-rise and high-rise structures. Owners of one-story and low-rise buildings may want to contact a service for radon mitigation in Chicago and have testing done.

After Testing

Workers with mitigation services inspect the foundation and seal any flaws through which the gas might rise. Another strategy is to install a ventilation system that pulls radon from underneath the building and sends it away with a fan. To schedule testing or reach out with questions, building owners can visit Cabeno Environmental Field Services, LLC today.