What Can Someone Expect From Pest Control Services in Alexandria, VA?

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Pest Control

What Can the Customer Expect?

The exterminator will visit the property and inspect it. They will look for problem areas such as possible entry points or places that have been damaged by the pest. After finishing their inspection, they will recommend a plan of action to get rid of the pest. This can involve removing the pest, setting up an exclusion, or treating the area with an insecticide. In some cases, they will use bait to attract and trap the pest.

The company follows a “Green Program,” so they only use baits and insecticides that are environmentally friendly. They are also generally safe to use around pets or children.

The exterminator will periodically return to check the property. If necessary, they will reapply any treatments. They will continue working with the client until the pest is gone.

Pest control services in Alexandria, VA, include different services like animal removal, exclusion, and the application of pesticides. The company also provides treatments for mold and water damage.

What Is Exclusion?

Exclusion is a preventive measure intended to keep pests from getting in the property in the first place. The exterminator will create a barrier of some kind. This can range from a fence to keep out deer to plugging up cracks and holes to keep out rodents and insects.

Why Are Millipedes Considered Pests?

Millipedes, which resemble darks worms with lots of legs, are actually harmless. They do, however, sometimes secrete a bad-smelling liquid if handled. That liquid can irritate people’s eyes and skin.

During fall and winter, groups of millipedes will crawl into a house to seek a warm and moist area to live. They will pick damp places like a basement or a garage.

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