What Commercial Wall Coverings Should Give To Others

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Textured Wall Coverings, Wallpaper and Coverings

When most people walk into a room, they notice the walls first. The walls are the first place that shows damage and signs of wear and tear, which can make customers and potential customers wary of your business. They will think that if you can’t take care of the walls, you won’t be able to take care of them. Therefore, commercial wall coverings could be the answer.


You want your customers to be comfortable from the moment they enter until they leave. Whether you run a restaurant, boutique, hospital or school, you want people to feel invited and comfortable while they’re there, which can be especially true in schools and hospitals. You will notice that people are more willing to linger (and potentially buy more) if they feel comfortable and unrushed. Blank walls can make people feel stir-crazy inside, making them want to leave as soon as possible to get outside in the fresh air, so creating a warm, comfortable environment will keep them inside your shop longer.


Most people don’t think about textured wall coverings as providing a return on investment, but they should, especially when you consider the alternative. Painting can seem like a lower-cost option though many low-VOC formulas can cost a lot more and require more coats to work properly. They are only meant to last about four years, whereas wallcoverings last an average of five to ten years. That being said, maintenance isn’t required, as with paint, so you’ll notice a lower cost during the lifetime of the product.


Have you ever gone into a store and heard an echo sound? Echoes usually mean there is a lot of empty space, which can tell customers that you don’t have what they want, even if you do. Improving the acoustics can be done with simple wallcoverings, whereas there are no acoustic effects with paint.


The walls tell your story, so if they have wallpaper peeling off, paint chips or damaged areas, it will tell customers that your product won’t last. Durability is a necessity to keep the walls looking in mint condition, but paint can easily be chipped, and wallpaper can tear and come away from the back. Wallcoverings are a better alternative and can last a lot longer.


Low VOC materials are a necessity in many stores, some by law. These options have fewer chemicals that can be breathed in, making them an excellent choice for any business.

Commercial wall coverings should provide the five developments to help your company succeed and grow. Visit wolfgordon.com today to know more.