3 Easy Tips to Find Out Why Your Pressure Washer Won’t Work

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Cleaning Service

Your pressure washer is probably one of the most used tools in your garage. You can use it for a number of different purposes. When the machine breaks down, it can put a stop to your cleaning activities. Fortunately, pressure washers can be repaired. Before this happens, you need to find out what is causing the problem. Check out these three tips for locating the malfunction in a pressure washer.

1 . Are You Getting Low Pressure?

Low pressure can mean a lot of different things. In most cases, it involves a problem with one of the nozzles. First, you should make sure that you have a properly fitting nozzle on the machine. You should also check your nozzles to determine if it is leaking out due to wear and tear.

If everything looks good with the nozzles, then check the motor. When your motor is not producing an adequate amount of RPMs, it will lower the pressure. You may need to have the motor repaired or purchase Hotsy pressure washer parts in Chicago.

One final area of concern for low-pressure problems is O-rings. When these rubber rings become cracked or broken, they can allow pressure to leak out. You will experience a significant drop in pressure at the water line. Replacing the O-rings can be an easy fix.

2 . Problems Spraying Surfaces

If you are not getting an adequate amount of spray, the problem may lie in the gun itself. Spray guns can become blocked or may leak. This will cause the stream to spread out. When the beam of water is not concentrated in a single area, it will make your cleaning efforts less effective. New sprayers are often sold with Hotsy Pressure washer parts from Chicago.

3 . Issues With Oil

Some faulty pressure washers will allow the oil to leak from the pump. When this happens, there are a few areas you can check. First, look at the bolts to ensure that they are tightened. You can also take a look at the pistons and seals to see if they are damaged. Replacing these parts can help get the pressure washer up and running again.

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